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Does Creatine cause acne?

Sup, thanks for joining us (see what we did there?) 

We’ve been hearing a bit of gossip here and there about creatine causing breakouts and we wanted to do some digging to find out a lil’ bit more and to guide you on preventing breakouts while taking supplements.

There are so many factors that play into the level of acne you may experience on your skin. While you may be aware of the common ones, likely passed down by your mum or older sister; sugar, puberty, oily foods etc, there are other less-known factors that we usually forget to consider until it’s too late. 

Squidward from SpongeBob with an acne breakout on his face


To quote @nayjustliving (Instagram)

“If you're taking creatine, please make sure you drink enough water because if not, your skin will hate you” 

This isn’t the only complaint we’ve heard! So many of you have reported breaking out after taking certain supplements, and only put two and two together way after the fact (our entire team included!)

For all of you that have gotten this far and thought
“wait wtf is creatine?”
This next section is for you.

What is creatine?

Creatine is an amino acid, and a substance found naturally in our bodies muscle cells. It helps your muscles produce energy while lifting heavy or during high-intensity workouts / HIIT. This bad boy is considered to be one of the best performance-enhancing supplements out there and works to increase muscle mass, strength and exercise performance. 

To put on our science hats for a moment, creatine helps your body to produce more ATP, which is your bodies key energy source. It also increases cell hydration by increasing the water content within your muscle cells, causing an increase in the volume of your cells.

To put it in a more digestible way: 

  • ATP is essentially your bodies ability to exert explosive force. It takes about 2-3 minutes for your body to replenish its ATP levels. Creatine shortens that time, which means you can train harder with shorter rest periods.

  • Creatine also draws water to your muscles and makes them swell up, to give you get that strong, pumped up muscles aesthetic. 

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And now to the point of this whole thing

Does Creatine cause acne? 

So to be annoying, yes… and no.. it depends tbh.

There isn’t any hard evidence that creatine directly causes acne. But if you ask us, the coincidence of a whole lot of people taking creatine and then breaking out randomly should count as evidence. 

The real answer though is, it depends. 

But what does it depend on you may ask..
Well, we don’t know why we’re dragging this out, so we’ll just tell you. 




Creatine can and likely will dehydrate you. The reason for this is that creatine increases water retention in your muscles. 

Lucky for all of us creatine lovers, the only thing that you need to solve this is… a tap! Bumping up your water levels while taking creatine is definitely recommended and an easy way to help prevent a bad case of the skin bumpies.

Creatine or not, low hydration levels can cause your skin to become dry, which throws your oil production off balance. This can also increase the level of dead skin cells which can then clog up your pores. When that happens, you're left with redness and inflammation. 

For the serious hydraters, you can further increase your hydration levels by cutting down on common diuretics -  things like coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, nicotine. 

Boosting your hydration will help not only your skin but your overall health as well. You may need to take an extra trip or two to the bathroom each day, but you’ll save a few dollars on pimple patches. 

3 ways to restore and maintain your skin's hydration levels.

1. Use a hydrating cleanser. 

Incorporating a hydrating cleanser into your routine is a perfect, long-term and permanent solution to not only maintaining hydration, but improving your skin in general, through removing dirt and excess oils from your pores. 

Lucky for you, we have just the thing, right this way. 

2. Use cold water when washing your face. 

Hot water can cause your skin to dry out, so it's a good idea to finish your shower with a cold blast. Use this time to build some mind over matter skills, and distract yourself from the cold by giving your face a 30 second pamper session. 

3. Consume foods that are high in water. 

Yes, for all you water haterz out there (we’ll never understand btw), you can eat your water! Generally, foods that are high in water, such as watermelon, cucumber or broccoli can help increase the level of moisture in your skin and are also a delicious addition to your daily meals. 

To sum it all up, creatine is a vibe if you want to lift heavier and get a booty bump that would put Kimmy K to shame. 


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