Why do I need to use face wash after I workout?

Sweat is actually great for your skin, it releases toxins and cleanses your skin. BUT if you let the sweat dry on your face, it sucks back into your pores, taking all the negative toxins with it. Your skincare routine should remove dirt, soothe irritation and protect against ageing. 

Why is Azul. Athletica better than other foaming face cleansers? 

Azul. Athletica is specifically formulated with you in mind and focused on protecting you against blemishes, skin irritation and ageing. Our ingredients are hand-picked by science and tested by real women. 
Our unique blend of White Willow Extract and Lactic Acid, balanced with Shiitake Mushrooms, gently penetrates the epidermal layer of skin - removing dirt and smoothing pores. Just as it's important to cool down your muscles after a workout, your skin needs to cool down too. Athletica's active ingredients work together to cool your skin, leaving you with a fresh glow.

Is Azul only for post-workout facial care?


Azul. Athletica can be used as your daily face-wash (twice daily if you’re a skincare junkie!). We’ve been careful to craft a facial cleanser, which is robust enough to remove dirt, but gentle enough to encourage healing and hydration.

Are Azul products all-natural? 

Of course! We’re passionate about our all-natural, cruelty-free approach to skincare, which isn’t hard when your ingredients occur in nature and weren’t born in a test tube.

Is Azul tested on animals? 

No way! We’re passionate about our all-natural, cruelty-free approach to skincare. We also don’t sell in Mainland China because of this - our skincare is gentle, but we don’t need bunnies and mice to tell us that!

What is the recommended usage of Azul Athletica? 

Use me in the AM and PM; 1-2 pumps goes a long way. Lather up and rub on your face for at least 45 seconds - This ensures that you get the most out of all the goodies in the formula, give them time to do their thang.

Can I use Azul. Athletica on my chest and back? 

Definitely! A lot of our customers have given feedback that they have seen amazing results with clearing up their breakouts on their chest, back and face after using Athletica for 1 month.