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Micro-Fibre Pads

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Azul cleansing pads are designed to remove makeup and/or sweat. These reusable cleansing pads are made of non-toxic, recycled material and can replace up to 500 single-use makeup wipes - here’s to you, Mother Nature.

Throw them in the washing machine with your regular clothes whenever they need a refresh, and let them air dry.

Used in conjunction with Azul Athletica, the microfibres work to gently cleanse skin, removing makeup and impurities through manual exfoliation. 

They say 3’s a crowd, but we say *add to cart*.

    How To Use

    If you have makeup on, simply wet one of your Cleansing Pads and use it to remove your makeup. The micro-fibres will remove all traces of makeup with just water *magic*

    Follow by cleansing your skin with Athletica, and use your wet Cleansing Pad to wipe off your cleanser, leaving you with a squeaky clean finish.


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